Mira Kim


  1. Artist in Residency ‘NUE

    2017-12-19 05:25:40 UTC

  2. The cell #2_올수리 1.5

    2017-06-24 04:33:00 UTC
    The second series of Garibong, Seoul, site specific installation exhibition. June 12th-25th, 2017. Five artists have worked in historic house in Seoul, Garibong which place has city grown with working class culture and now it shows cultural coexistence for Chinese immigrants.  

  3. The cells_낮고 높고 좁은 방, 2017

    2017-06-08 04:26:00 UTC

  4. Kim, Mira and Kwak, sang-won Collaboration Exhibition ‘Noir’, 2016

    2016-05-12 05:35:00 UTC
    Kim, Mira and Kwak, sang-won Collaboration Exhibition ‘Noir’, 2016 article on neolook.com: https://neolook.com/archives/20160423f exhibition view, alternative space noon

  5. AHAF in HongKong 2015

    2015-03-23 11:14:00 UTC
    AHAF (Asia Hotel Art Fair) 2015 was held in Hong Kong, Marco Polo Hotel. This year Hong Kong hosted so many art events including Art Basel, the Asia Contemporary Art Show, AHAF and more. For AHAF, I participated in room #855 along with the Belt Project (edition art competition). It…

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